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Bando or Burmese Boxing, Bama Letway, has its roots as the B
urmese national unarmed combat sport going back to 1044. This ancient combative sport is a highly effective fighting art combining hard punching and kicking, similar to Thai boxing, with elusive stepping and footwork.

Today, Burmese Boxing is still taught in the old ways.  The training regiment is very physical, and instruction focuses on developing proper technique for delivering maximum power with minimal effort.  Burmese Boxers also learn the art of footwork and evasion, because an injured fighter is an ineffective fighter.

Our workouts are strenuous, focusing on physical fitness, training in the basic principles, development of techniques, pad work, and sparring.  We train and teach to pay respect to the fighting spirit of the Gurka soldiers, American veterans and those Bando practitioners who have come before us.  Most of our instructors are active members of the American Bando Association, and hold Burmese Boxing championship titles.

We have successfully trained several champion fighters, and are always willing to train those who have the proper fighting spirit.  If you are interested in training in this ancient combative art then check out our training locations and schedules for class times.

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